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Site availability issues 4 years ago

We are experiencing site availability issues — additional latency and errors — this morning. We’re working to address these issues.

Update: 9:07 PDT / 16:07 UTC: Users may notice that their timelines are updating slowly. All tweets will eventually be delivered.

Update: 9:32 AM PDT / 16:32 UTC: To help stabilize the site we’re turning off a set of features including but not limited to: Twitter Search, hovercards, web sidebar data (trends, friends counts, etc), and profile image uploads.

Update 9:57 AM PDT/ 16:32 UTC: Timelines are now current. Various other features remain disabled.

Update 10:34 AM PDT / 17:34 UTC: All site features have been re-enabled. Latency and error rates are recovering quickly.

Update 12:29 PM PDT / 19:29 UTC:¬†We’ve identified the cause of today’s incident as an error with networking equipment. This networking error prevented us from serving at full capacity.

Update 2:25 PM PDT / 21:25 UTC: We’re experiencing a recurrence of this morning’s networking issue. We’re investigating.