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Site Tweaks 4 years ago

We’re temporarily lowering the API rate-limit to 75 from 175; we do plan to reestablish the higher API rate-limit later today.

Update (9:35 AM PST, 16:35 UTC): We’ve temporarily disabled integrated search.

Update (9:50 AM PST, 16:50 UTC): We’ve reenabled integrated search.

Update (10:20 AM PST, 17:20 UTC): The API rate-limit has been restored to 175.

Update (13:09 PST, 20:09 UTC): Users may be experiencing some delay with their timelines; we’re aware of this and working to resolve this.

Update (13:45 PST, 20:45 UTC): Timelines are no longer delayed.

Update (20:55 PST, 03:45 UTC): Lists are temporarily disabled.

Update (21:22 PST, 04:22 UTC): Users will temporarily not see Tweet counts on their home pages; they remain on the profile pages. SMS delivery of tweets was disabled for approximately 30 minutes but should now be restored.

Update (22:05 PST, 05:05 UTC):Lists and Tweet counts are now back.