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Users Cannot Update Profiles 5 years ago

We’re currently working on remedying the issue blocking users from updating their profiles.

Update (11:20 PST, 18:20 UTC): oAuth tokens are also affected by this; we continue to work to resolve the issue.

Update (12:30 PST, 19:30 UTC): Signups are currently disabled as we recover from this issue.

Update (14:00 PST, 21:00 UTC): API and mobile clients are currently experiencing some issues; we’re working on remedying this issue.

Update (22:00 PST, 05:00 UTC): Issues with API, mobile, oAuth tokens, and users updating their profiles continue; we continue to work to remedy the situation. Signups remain disabled for the time being.

Update (23:45 PST, 06:45 UTC): API issues, oAuth tokens, and signups are restored to normalcy. User edits and mobile continue to experience issues.

Update (00:38 PST, 07:38 UTC): Avatar and background image upload are disabled, as are user settings; we will be continuing work on recovering from this throughout the night and will update again in the morning.

Update (12:30 PST, 19:30 UTC): We are fully recovered.